The Best Coffee-shop in town


My first stop on my way in to work. Thanks Mona!



Paul Tobbe

we are Passionate about flavours

The Green Elephant is always on the lookout for new flavours from different roasts, blends or origins. We work closely with a local roaster in Lakeville, Nova Scotia,  who focus on sustainable practices and offer ingredients of uncompromising quality.

Nova Coffee provides exceptional quality and various blends of coffee that we love to serve you!

Coffee Bean

Morning Glory

The Coffee we like to serve you to help you wake up! The tailored coffee program that your will keep coming back for!

Fair Trade Organic

Coffee Bean

Dragons Breath

Very Dark Roast

Sumatran, Peruvian & Ethiopian

Flavour notes; dark fruits, earthy, nuts.

Fair Trade Organic.

Coffee Bean

Bella Royale

Medium-Dark Roast

Colombian & Guatemalan

Flavour notes: dark fruit, dark chocolate

Fair Trade Organic

We offer the option of buying your FAVORITE coffee beans by the bag

the Unique Green Elephant coffee cup can be purchased as well!

Our custom made coffee’s

Our “Baristas” love a challenge, Just ask for it!

Green-elephant-coffee cups

Did we mention the homemade pastry?

Pastry and many creations you didn’t know you were missing!

HUGE peanut butter balls dipped in freshly melted dark chocolate, soft, moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing, chocolate score bit coconut bars, chewy rich pecan bars, hearty power balls, creamy peanut butter fudge cheesecake…. I can go on and on…

Would you like to surprise someone special?

Fresh coffee or a latte with a muffin or a scone, made fresh daily.

Pastry is such a sweet gift!

Waffles.. Anytime a good time


Homemade Belgian style waffles, with fresh strawberries and a fresh brewed coffee, what a beautiful gift to give to a friend

Cheesecake to die for

And for the sweet tooth, we have peanut butter cheesecake pie with dark chocolate drizzle and whipped cream.

Friday evenings Korean dining experience

We offer innovative twists on traditional dishes that will surprise your taste buds and introduce you to unique flavours.

Enlighten your palate!

The Green Elephant Restaurant offers Korean dining on Friday from 3.00 pm to 7 pm. If you would like to come with a group of 6 or more, please call ahead.

Can't decide?

We’ll help carry the load….how about a Combo?….

Soooo many options available! Just ask.

Our Specials....?


Always ask about them: It could be the famous Fiskecake platter with Beans.


Great if you are really hungry!

A gift card: The perfect gift!


Looking to say thanks to a helpful friend?

Say it with e personal gift card from the Green Elephant!

What’s your favourite sweet?


Find your favourite!


You don’t have to make a tough choice at Green Elephant Restaurant.
Our pastry case features old-time favourites. Peanut butter balls, muffins, scones, carrot cake, rich pecan bars and Chocolate Macaroons. All are made fresh daily. 

Looking for something energizing and healthy?

Try our Power Balls or Everything Cookies.


We accommodate many dietary requirements, including but not limited to: celiac, Keto, vegan, gluten or sugar-free.

Sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed.